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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lana Del Rey Watercolour

Yo people. I haven't been doing so great on the job front but I have being doing good on the art front.

I've done another painting and its of the beautiful Lana Del Rey. I adore her music, I think shes simply effortless and a timeless beauty. Apart from her hypnotic music, I love something else about Del Rey and thats her manner. I don't feel she uses the 'sex sells' aspect to promote her music. She has a pretty, girly style with a urban edge and its definitely individual. Unlike Miley Cyrus (whose music I too enjoy but choose to ignore her videos *puke*) Lana's videos are a vintage dream of the 'perfect' lifestyle. I don't want to be misunderstood for thinking Lana's music is all sweetness and light. I have read into Lana's lyrics and they are a lot darker than how the sweet melody sounds. Some have even accused her of being pro-pedophilia, in her song 'Put Me In A Movie' the lyric sing, 'C'mon you know you like little girls' which of course could be interpreted to suggest the latter. And her obsession with Lolita (a novel written about a mans obsession with a young girl written by Vladimir Nabokov) - which ever way you take that. I have to say that Lolita is a term used nowadays to describe a promiscuous woman. Anyway, I love Lana's music regardless because of her videos. They depict the story of her meaningful songs so wonderfully. They really do inspire me. She inspires me, although I am nothing like her and definitely do not covet the materialistic lifestyle.

Heres a video of my work:


I finished it off with extra detail using my Caran D'Ache water colour pencils heres the final product:

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  1. Its amazing!! Loveeee it and love Lana Del Rey as well! One of my favorite artists!
    Tosin x

  2. oh my gosh this is just stunning!! :)

  3. Really great work.
    xo Stéph

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  5. This is absolutely beautiful! I shall be following this blog as soon as I work out how - you have an amazing talent!!
    check out my blog at


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